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Estate Planning

Will your loved ones be taken care of when you die? The best way to ensure your wishes are carried out is to have a valid, written Will in place. Whether you are a single person, married, part of a blended family or in a committed heterosexual or LGBT relationship, your estate plan requires personalized attention. We provide customized estate planning services to meet your unique needs.


Unfortunately conflicts that cannot be resolved without the help of a professional arise in many aspects of life -- at home, work, with family, neighbors, and friends. Austin Litigation attorney Lesley Hempfling handles a variety of disputes, including: business disputes, litigation involving real estate matters, Will contests, fiduciary litigation and other contested probate matters.

Contested Probate

Most probate matters get processed easily without any problems. However, there are exceptions. When problems arise, our office can handle the contested probate matters. Whether you’re the executor, trustee or a beneficiary, Austin Probate Attorney Lesley Hempfling can represent you and make sure your interests are protected.

Probate Law

When a loved one dies, their family will almost certainly deal with some facet of the formal, judicial probate process. Having someone who understands the rules and procedures of the probate process can be very meaningful during such an emotional and often traumatic time. We will guide you through the probate process beginning with the loss of your loved one through the entire procedure.

About Lesley Hempfling

Knowledgeable. Trustworthy. Meticulous. Ms. Lesley Hempfling brings years of experience to her Austin law firm. With an exceptional eye for detail, she will cover every angle of your case. Whether you need a probate attorney, litigator, mediator or estate planning attorney, she will ensure all options are discussed with you in detail and that you’re comfortable with the decisions you make. Ms. Hempfling will personally handle all of your legal needs.


Lesley helped me and my family and was patient, understanding, listened, and went above and beyond in help. I lost my mother last year in January and she walked me through the entire process explaining what is going to happen next and I have all the confidence that she can help you. I would recommend Lesley to anyone that is doing a will, trust, or going through probate. Lesley knows how to get the JOB done in a timely manner.


a Probate client

I worked with Lesley on both personal and business related legal issues and I highly recommend her. She is professional, smart, patient and timely and a pleasure to be around. She made sure I was covering all my bases and educated me while we worked together so that I can make better informed decisions. She is a great advisor and I trust her 100%. I plan to continue using her for future legal services and I recommend Lesley to all my friends and family.


a Contracts client

I recently had the pleasure of meeting with attorney Lesley Hempfling for the purpose of preparing my will. I had been dreading the prospect of dealing with a will and especially dealing with a lawyer. But Lesley is a very genuine, easy-going person who made me feel very at ease immediately. She is friendly, engaging, and she knows her stuff. Navigating through all the necessary legal jargon can be frustrating, but she guided me through the process thoroughly and completely. I felt very good about the finished product and the important thing is I understood what was in the instrument and I know it was done in a very professional manner.


a Wills client